We're a gang of Musicans who love acoustic music and want to perform without the aid of huge amplification systems. We hire our own space (usually a Village Hall) and put on Concerts with either minimal or no amplification. We decorate the Hall to make it cosy and fun, serve food, run a Bar and try and fill the Programme with as much variety as possible. A typical Pindrop Concert will feature performers of all ages playing many different styles of music. We've had everything from Zimbabwean Mbira to Classical, Saw players to Magicians, Songwriters to Poets.

Pindrop is what happens when you've had enough of smokey noisy pubs.

Pindrop is that quintessential moment at the end of a really wonderful piece of music when the audience is so mesmerized it forgets to clap.

Pindrop is Village Hall packed with people of all ages and persuasions sitting down with greedy appettites for a night of special music.

Pindrop Band is 9 musicians al on stage with a zillion instruments and a dog asleep in her basket.




Pindrop Club is open to anyone. You join by giving your email.

Pindrop Club doesn't advertise in the Press. We simply email everyone when a gig is coming up. We have never, in four years failed to sell out a Concert.Pindrop is original Songwriting with meaty lyrics.Pindrop is 8 snail shells carefully collected to make an octave and then dropped in different combinations on a tiled surface.

Pindrop is sometimes making your own instruments - usually out of Tin - and using them in Concert.