Phoebe singing "Mango" by Piers Partridge

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" This is our first Pindrop home-video and features Phoebe sitting at Piers kitchen table miming along to a track from her forthcoming CD. I bought a tiny Sony Mini DV camera at Jessops specially for webcast videos, I'm totally delighted with the results.Its so dinky ! We had to fiddle with the lighting a bit because first time Phoebe's skin was all orange - so it was off with the lampshade, out with the arclights. Its still a bit weird but as newcomers to the arts of Pop Video production we, of course, think it looks really cool. And to edit it ? There's this free package called Windows Movie Maker that comes free with Windows XP. Its a bit basic but it did the job. Look out for more home videos on these pages"

Phoebe sing French, click the image