For Piers and all band and Pindrop Club info:

Telephone 01275 810 166

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Clare Muldaur
Truly gifted New York based Singer Songwriter we hope to have visit us next year. Check out her Website and buy one of her CD's.

Kinkade Guitars
Johnny Kinkade maker of fantastic guitars and Pindrop Non-alcohlic Elixir
18 Clevedon Terrace
Telephone 0117924 3279

Polly Paulusma
exquisite singer/songwriter who sometimes graces our concerts.

Sam Small
designed and wrote this site with Piers. He can also come to your home or office to fix your computer.
Telephone 020 7435 2384

Dave Lewis
live gigs or studio, 24 track Mackie Digital
Telephone 01179 441 738

Martin Solomon
Harp, Theremin
Martin is a long-serving Pindrop member and has a new CD out called
'Song of Solomon'. It is a studio album played on Celtic Harp, Fiddle, Double-Bass, Sitar, Accordion, Mandolin and Theremin. Visit his new site

Lizzie Tucker
Mosaics, Mirrors and Jewellery
Lizzie is Pindrop's double-bass player and also runs 'Long Ashton Mosaic Gifts', based in leafy Long Ashton. On her site you can view and buy her beautiful hand-made mosaics, mirrors, jewellery and more.